Monday, December 11, 2017

Snowy White

Snowy whites are the best whites! It had just snowed when we shot this look and we were excited to see the snow on the ground! I love tops like these that are perfect for winter on top of jeans and paired with boots. When the cold comes, I tend to become lazy and I always want to wear yoga pants and Uggs. It is great to have tops like these that are comfortable and easy to style so I never have to wear yoga pants. Our trip is coming close and we haven't even started packing! There is so much to do before the clock is ticking!
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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Burst of Pink

The first snow of the season always is the best! Last year during this time it was 60 degrees outside, and this Christmas there is a chance of snow! I am getting a little sad as Christmas comes nearer that I will not be here to celebrate with friends and family. It doesn't feel like Christmas to anyone in my family, and it is a little disheartening.
I bought this top and jacket a few weeks ago when Madewell was having a pre-sale before black Friday. It was first time going to the Madewell at Rittenhouse and I had a great day just shopping and people-watching. Sweater coats are very popular and I am loving the oversized look. It was very cold when we went to shoot this and it really is starting to feel like winter. I can't wait to be in warmer weather!

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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Christmas 2017

Nothing puts me in the Christmas spirit better than watching a classic Christmas movie (National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is my favorite) with my pajamas on and a good cup of coffee brewed by my dad. I love coming down the stairs in the morning and seeing the tree there looking all beautiful. This Christmas we sadly will not be here, but we will be in India celebrating a wedding in the family. My sister and I are devastated to not spend Christmas here but we know we will have fun in India as well.

We always buy new ornaments every year and I bought these gorgeous ornaments from Anthropolgie. I love the tassels and I love elephants. My sister is a horseback rider so she got the unicorn. 

Our fireplace adorned with our stockings and nutcrackers. We spend most of our time downstairs so it's nice to see Christmas paraphernalia all the time. This will be our first Christmas not at home and the rest of our family is feeling the lack of Christmas spirit as well. My family hosts Christmas every year so without us there no one knows what to do. I also bake every year and I miss having to come up with the menu and look for recipes. This Christmas will definitely be different, but I am excited to go to India and experience something new!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Checkered Blazer

Let me tell you a story about the perfect blazer that can double as a coat. There was once a blazer that could double as a coat and was perfect. This is that blazer. The end. Seriously though, this is the perfect oversized blazer that is perfect for layering and can work as a coat. It is a little thin for a coat, but it works with a thick sweater underneath.
I recently picked up this tee from Madewell and it really touched me. I was born and raised for a part of my life in Queens and have the best memories there. My grandparents used to live there, and my mom, my sister, and I would go down almost every weekend to visit them. I always want to go back to visit and this tee reminded me of all of those memories from my childhood. My grandparents moved closer to us a few years back, and it's around the holidays that I am always thankful that they, and other family members live nearby!
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