Friday, March 10, 2017

Statement Sleeves

I was afraid I was losing my love for pink, but these pants confirmed any doubts I had! I love the rich color and of course the fit is amazing. 

Trending now: Statement sleeves. Grab them while you can! These sleeves are hot and are in stores everywhere. I loved the color of the top and I love the sleeves, they are so fun yet sophisticated.

This look reminded me of the spring and warm temperatures but as I am writing this right now, its snowing outside. I am done with the changing temperatures and I could really use some spring right now.

Patience is a virtue, but I just don't have it. I need warm temps and sun so I can wear more outfits like these! Mother Nature, we would all appreciate a stable weather please!
Top // Pants // Shoes

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Gap to the Max

Oh how we love to cherish the sun and warmth before the cold comes! We took the 60 degree weather as a sign to go out for a shoot and walk around downtown. It was a beautiful day and my sister and I had a great time talking about movies and of course grabbing coffee.

This past week was very busy for me so I did not get a chance to go out and shoot. I have bought new things that I am very excited for but, it's going to get chilly so I don't know if I will get a chance to feature them just yet.

This outfit is my definition of time between spring and winter. It has winter elements with the fur vest but brings in spring with the comfy denim joggers. It is very hard to dress in this seasonal period, you never know what to wear!

I know it's going to get cold, but I hope March brings warmer temps and lots of sun! I will be also be going to Disney World in two weeks and am beyond excited!
Vest (not available / love this one ) // Tee // Pants // Shoes: Gucci

Saturday, February 25, 2017

La Vie En Blue?

 70 degrees again! I cannot believe that the birds are chirping in the morning and the sun is shining in the afternoon! I love it. Just a half an hour after my sister and I shot this, it started pouring and lightning and thunder struck. So, the sun and cool breeze ended with our power almost going out. While planning my outfit, I realized that even though pink is my favorite color, I also gravitate towards blue and black. I added a pop of pink with my sunglasses, but I realized that I need to start investing in more pink pieces. This outfit is actually perfect for the spring temps in winter. For the past few warm days I had no idea what to wear because it was still winter but felt like spring. The dress is wool and the rest of the outfit caters to a more spring-like temperature making it the perfect mix. I hope the weather stays beautiful and I cannot wait to go shopping for more spring items!
Dress (similar) // Shirt (love this one too) (similar and worn underneath) // Glasses // Shoes // Jacket