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About Me!

Hello! My name is Aashka Patel and I am the face behind La Vie En Pink! I am currently a student at Drexel University with big plans for the future. Fashion has always played a big part in my life and now, I can use my blog to showcase my love for fashion and travel. My mother worked retail for a big part of her life and imparted her wisdom of clothing to me. I never understood the value of fashion through the generations until I learned that I dress like my mom and I could never be happier. Fashion to me is expressing your inner self and style. I love shopping and putting together outfits and I consider it an art. 
The name La Vie En Pink is based off of Louis Armstrong's La Vie En Rose, one of my favorite songs that gives me the best kind of feeling. This blog is a working progress that I hope to bring to the big stages one day. I love learning about the new trends and taking my style to the streets. 
Travel is a big part of my life, I am very lucky to have been to so many places and I cannot wait to travel more. My favorite destination to date has to be Peru. I cannot recommend going there enough. This blog is not only for me to channel my fashion but was created with hopes to inspire people and fashion.
I hope you can see the world and fashion through my eyes and can find inspiration as well!

XO, Aashka

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