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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Floral is the Game

I know my last post contains the same floral theme, but there is nothing that makes me happier than seeing a view like this. I have never been a nature person, but in these past four years of college, I have come to appreciate the beauty of nature, especially in the suburbs. I love driving through the back streets lined with towering trees among bushes of flowers and shrubs. 
Recently, I have been spending my afternoons and evenings sitting outside on our porch with my dog Captain. We both sit facing the trees and taking in the fresh air that seems to invigorate our spirits. I love doing mundane tasks like checking my emails or reading while seated outdoors. This appreciation has impacted my life and I find myself craving a quick sojourn outside while sitting at my 9-5 desk job. I crave the end of the day where I can come home and eat dinner and have a quick drink outside before I go to sleep and the cycle starts again. 


Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Cherry Blossom Fever

This spot is a favorite of my family's. Every year around this time, we find ourselves walking through our front yard to take photos near these beautiful trees which seemed to have blossomed after a blink of an eye. The weather was just stunning and we had just finished up a busy day vaccinating almost 400 people at our family pharmacy. 
Seeing these trees invoke memories of summer and birds chirping in the morning as I wake up. I always feel a bright exuberance during this season and I love the feeling of being so close to nature and the beautiful flora and fauna that surrounds my home. 
I feel confident and beautiful in this amazing top from Sezane. I have been obsessed with their clothing lately, especially with the new floral designs that the brand has been releasing. I hope everyone takes the time to spend some of their day outside with the fresh air and blossoming flowers. 


Tuesday, April 6, 2021

A Quick Day in NYC

I found myself in New York City again, after having just spent the previous weekend with my aunt in the somewhat quieter borough of Manhattan. Two weekends in a row frolicking around the city is abnormal for me, but I for sure was not complaining. This time it was my sister and I with a blank agenda on the NJ Transit trying to plan what we were going to conquer that day. My sister, lamentably, has become quite the anime fanatic and thus our day was prompted to Kinokunyia Books where she spent half an hour fan-girling over the abundant selection the store had to offer. Meanwhile, I stayed off to the side rolling my eyes at her squeals and wondering when this was going to end. The first floor of the bookstore is very cute with a decent selection of books, and the bottom floor is a stationary lovers heaven. 
Bryant Park was to the right of the bookstore and looked absolutely divine with eclectic New Yorkers juggling or reading a book. A quick lunch at Ippudo for ramen hit the spot with perfectly chewy noodles and scrumptious broth. We then whisked off to MOMA ready to relax among the museum pace. 

Surprisingly, this was our first time at the Museum of Modern Art and I was not disappointed, especially with the abundance of Picasso and Van Gogh pieces. Cliche to love two famous artists, but there is a reason that they are so revered in the world. Seeing Starry Night was an honor and it truly is a remarkable piece. The rest of the museum proved to live up to its name as modern. Throughout the five floors of the museum, I quickly realized that I am a fan of traditional paintings and modern art is not my forte. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the museum and tried to be as open as possible while examining the art . 
This quick day in NYC was the perfect getaway intertwined with sisterly bonding. My sister and I are extremely close, and I like to believe that we both thoroughly soaked up every moment of the day together. I cannot be more appreciative of being able to spend time with her during this pandemic, and during this day in NYC. 


Sunday, April 4, 2021

Feeling like a Dame

The movement of a flowing and tiered maxi dress is just ethereal. Every swish swish of the fabric against your skin with the wind adds a touch of glamour to a long dress that just sweeps across the floor. That is how I felt in this dress. Now, maxi dresses come in many different shapes and sizes, but this particular dress had the perfect silhouette to it, which made me feel as if I was walking to a gala or to meet a handsome prince. Now the dress doesn't look as if I am a princess about to meet a prince, but I felt lady-like with an imbued sense of poise. And if you ask me, that is exactly how a dress should make a person feel.