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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

La Vie At Home

My room is my number one favorite spot to relax, watch some Netflix, or read. I love to open my shutters and let in the sunlight and get some vitamin c. My mom and dad love interior design, so my room is filled with Pottery Barn , Pier One , just to name a few. A lot of my furniture is from PB Teen, the teenager version of Pottery Barn. Like parents, like daughter, so I  have also taken up the pleasure of interior design and I love to decorate my room or rearrange things to make it look as beautiful as possible, its always fun to have so many pastimes. ; )
My room is very pink, I guess that wasn't a surprise. But my favorite part of the room is the mural of New York City behind my bed. I got this mural for my 16th birthday. It's hand painted and reflects my love for the city, so I can always have the city when I'm not there. 
My room has an overall pink and grey theme so I love to add gold elements to the room. My elephant and vase for one. I love mixing colors and prints which always bring change and a unique sense of style into the room. 
Overall, I believe that a well-decorated room is a happy room and that feeling comfortable in your personal space leads to a happy mind and body. Knowing me, things will always be changing in my room, but don't worry, I will keep you posted... 

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