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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Dubai Day 1

Hello from Dubai! I am very excited to be here with my whole family! This is the first time we are taking a trip together and it is for my aunt's wedding! We are very happy to be celebrating her marriage and visiting Dubai as well. 

Day one started with wedding preparations, overall it was a quiet day judging we were all falling asleep everywhere. The jet lag is hitting us on the cab, in the hotels, on the streets, and well, everywhere. But after wedding prep, we went to the Gold Souk. It is filled with shops selling gold and jewelry. We walked around and enjoyed the exquisite gold ornaments. 

After the market, we went to the Mall of Dubai. It has an ice rink, an underwater aquarium, and lots of shops! I didn't get much time to look around or buy anything (sadly) but shopping always has a way if making its way back to me hehehe. The next few days will be busy but I am looking forward to all of the festivities and tourism!
Top: Zara (not available but lots on sale here!) Jacket: Madewell (love this one
Blue Dress: Parker (not available)

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