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Friday, August 4, 2017

Masai Mara Day 1

We departed early in the morning from Lake Nakuru in transit to Masai Mara which would take us 7 hours total. There are small charter planes that go from Nairobi which can take you to Masai Mara and Amboseli, but we decided that it was not make sense to go from there. We would have to travel back to Nairobi to get to Masai Mara and it just didn't make sense. So we all got into our cars and drove straight to the park. We didn't go for an  afternoon game drive because we arrived so late so we just relaxed and took advantage of the hotel. We stayed at the Mara Engai Wilderness Lodge which is a 3 yr. old lodge and amazing! The staff was amazing and catered to the needs of a huge group and made custom food for us and even made packed lunches and breakfasts. 

The hotel was comprised of 20 or some tents which were spacious, I mean extremely spacious. They have lots of animals around the area so each room was equipped with a whistle to call a security guard who would escort you to the main hall and to your rooms, pretty awesome. The only one complaint I had was light. The rooms had barely any light and needed to have several more lamps and fixtures so the guests could see where they were going. This hotel was also very deep into the park and high up into the mountain. The hotel provided its own car to get down into the park so that was an extra hurdle we had to cross.

Masai Mara really is the holy grail of the parks. We saw so many animals and natural phenomenons. We were lucky enough to see the wildebeest cross the river which is one of the natural wonders of the world. It looked like we were watching a National Geographic documentary. I really enjoyed the time in Masai Mara more than any other part because the animals and vastness of the park was amazing. There is so much to see and we saw lions and giraffes and zebras up close. Feelings like that are unforgettable!

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