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Monday, April 2, 2018

Amman Day 1

Check! Another item off of our bucket list. Our family has been wanting to visit Jordan and Petra for quite some time now so we were really excited going into this trip. We left for JFK at 5am and then our flight left around 11. We landed into Amman at Queen Alia International Airport around 12 and went to our hotel to get refreshed and changed for a quick tour. We were extremely tired, but to beat jet-lag we didn't nap (which I desperately wanted haha). There is not too much to see in Amman so we out tour was quick, and we were tired and hungry as well. 
We started out at the Citadel which are Roman ruins. It was beautiful, but the sky was overcast so we were feeling even more tired and sleepy. We then went to the amphitheater which contained lots of history and artifacts. Our family has seen many Roman ruins in both Rome and Morocco, but was nice to see this with a middle eastern influence. We ended the day with a quick dinner and an early bedtime of 6 pm haha. We had a big day the next day!

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