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Tuesday, April 10, 2018


PETRA!!!!! I cannot believe that I finally made it! Our family has completed four of the seven wonders of the world: Machu Picchu, the Colisseum, the Taj Mahal and now Petra! My mom has seen Chichen Itza, but we have Chichen Itza, the Great Wall of China, and Christ the Redeemer left to see! Petra is absolutely amazing. I cannot even begin to tell you of the beauty. 

We got a guide for our time in Petra and he was going to accompany us until the treasury. We started walking through the Siq and I felt like Indiana Jones haha. It's a beautiful rock formation that leads you straight to the treasury. Our guide didn't tell us when the treasury was going to come up so it was a surprise for me. Goosebumps went through my body as I saw the beautiful wonder of the world. The history behind it is marvelous. For years it existed and no one knew what the purpose was, just amazing. After taking a quick camel ride for pics and more pics, we started walking towards the treasury. We had reached Petra by 7:20 so it wasn't too hot in the morning, but by the time we going towards the monastery it was hot. I get sick very easily in the heat due to my Crohns, so we made sure to stay hydrated and protected from the sun. 

The monastery is a hike. We have climbed to the Sun Gate from Machu Picchu back in 2015, but this was crazy. It took 1000 steps of varying shapes and sizes to reach the top. And along the way donkeys and people are on all sides. You can take a donkey ride up to the monastery, but I was scared and it seemed dangerous, but that's just me. Many people were doing the donkeys, and it seemed like a quicker way to get to the top. 

Huffing and puffing we made it to the monastery and it was amazing. The monastery had a restaurant and sitting area in front of it, so we just sat and enjoyed the view. There were less people up there, so we took nice pictures and just relaxed in the shade. The we began our descent down, which was much easier and walked back to the treasury. 

After saying bye to the treasury, we walked back through the Siq to get to our car and back to our hotel. It was a long day and I recommend staying two days in Petra, to really absorb everything there. We were dead and tired by the end and had no energy for the rest of the day, it takes a lot, but it's all worth it!

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