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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Edfu, Karnak, and Luxor Temples


Each temple in Egypt is dedicated to a different god and has a uniqueness which can be felt, I felt it for sure. We started bright and early the next day after docking next to Edfu temple and after the few days of extended rest, we were a bit grumpy on our short horse buggy over to the temple. This temple was smaller and all of the other Nile cruises were on the same itinerary as us, so we all went together in a massive horde from the horse buggies to the entrance of the temple.  All of the grumpiness faded as soon as we entered the temple, into a courtyard adorned with two falcons symbolizing the god Horus.  This temple was later inhabited by Christian missionaries who destroyed some parts of the temple. Thankfully, most of the temple was intact and the beautiful reliefs could be seen all throughout. This was a shorter visit so we all took our designated horse buggies back to the docking port and entered the cruise to eat our breakfast. We took another nap and got ready to visit Karnak and Luxor temples. 

It was nice to get some respite in between the early wakeup and sightseeing. We had lunch and then got ready for two evening tours of Karnak and Luxor temples. 

Karnak temple has been depicted in many movies and shows. I was very excited to see the looming pillars and to take some good pictures of course! We entered and it was breathtaking. Even though Covid was rampant during the holiday season back home, there were many tourists from all over the world in Egypt. It is quite common to go to these temples in the evening so we joined our fellow travelers at Karnak. I was stunned to see such well-preserved pillars and statues. Many statues were broken, but there were so many of Ramses and other gods who were watching over this temple. I even got the chance to walk around the pillar of good marriages (for my future of course!). We finished up our tour here and bused over to Luxor temple. 

By this time, the sun had made its way down and we had reached Luxor temple. We headed into the temple which has a beautiful courtyard like structure in the middle with pillars all around it. We did not spend as much time here because besides the basic history, I felt as if there was not much to see and it was not as big as Karnak temple. We then walked outside of the temple to visit the newly opened Avenue of the Sphinxes. We were extremely fortunate to be able to see this because it had just been blessed with a new opening just some days before. The avenue was once the route which the King would take which was aligned with Sphinxes on either side. It was stunning even in the night. It was overall an amazing experience visiting the two temples and Edfu as well. We had a fun day but we were even more excited to see the Valley of the Kings and Queens after a needed rest.

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