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Friday, August 11, 2017


By this part of the trip, we were all exhausted and ready to go home and eat non-indian food. Because the Indian population in Kenya is so large, a lot of the local cuisine consists of Indian food, like chicken dishes and lentils. My sister and I are not as fond of Indian food so we were craving a good pasta dish or burger. 
To get to Amboseli we took a charter flight from Masai Mara and flew into Nairobi. We then drove 5 hours to Amboseli to stay at the Ol Tukai Lodge. The lodge was fairly good, theres not much you can do about bugs and animals because of the wildneness, so this city girl sucked it up and sprayed the room with the cans of bug spray we brought ( I would highly recommend bringing bug spray, not only for yourself, but for the rooms as well. Some hotels provide it but we came prepared as well.) 

We went for a game drive in the morning to see the animals, but at this point I was exhausted and needed sleep. We would wake up at 5 every morning to get ready and leave the hotels by 7. We would then spend the whole day out in the parks so we were tired and then would go to sleep at 12 every night. So for a good part of this game drive I fell asleep, lamentably. Amboseli is known for their elephants so I woke up to see the adorable calves and their mothers. There is not much to see in Amboseli, especially after we had been to Mara. Since Mara is the main attraction, we had seen most of the animals and could appreciate the natural wonders here. 
The main reason we did visit Amboseli was for the view of Kilimanjaro. However, with our luck, it was cloudy and we didn't get to see the peak. Upon arrival to the hotel after our game drive, we decided to leave Amboseli and go back to Nairobi to relax. If we did not go back, we would have had to wake up extermely early to drive back to the airport and would have been even more exhausted. We then left for Nairobi and got caught in lots of traffic, but it was worth it. We ate dinner (pasta finally!) and then slept in the next day. We then went to the airport for our journey home. Overall, Amboseli was fun, but we were too exhausted to appreciate it. 

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