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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Behind the Taj Mahal

11 years later.... After landing in Delhi, we stayed for a few hours in the JW Marriott hotel near the airport and left for our 4 hour drive to Agra bright and early in the morning. After lots of traffic, we finally reached the Oberoi Amarvillas and changed quickly to go visit the Taj Mahal from another angle. We planned to go into the monument the next morning. 

This view is quite unique. When Shah Jahaan, the creator of the Taj Mahal was constructing the monument, he decided to creat another Taj Mahal, but completely constructed out of black Marble. He had started the excavation process and this area that we visited was the excavation site. He had complications with his son and was imprisoned which explains why there is no black Taj Mahal. It was so interesting to learn this and see the monument from another side. 

Shopping for this trip was so much fun! The dreadful weather at home made looking for dresses exciting. I love this Rebecca Taylor dress for the flow and cut. It was perfect for the weather and the contrast with the Taj. 

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