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Thursday, January 11, 2018

India: Agra and the Taj Mahal

It is amazing to visit a place with so much culture and then come back and see how it has changed. India has changed so much since I last came and the traffic has definitely worsened. The honking is horrible! We are not used to so much traffic, so many two-wheelers, and so many people just trying to walk on the streets. It is a great adjustment to get used to. 

Besides that, we were visiting at peak tourist time. It wasn't filled with foreigners, but with local Indians who were on vacation. The line to get into the Taj was crazy. Women pressed up against women and pushing hard to get in. I felt like a sheep being herded, it was horrible. 

The Taj itself was beautiful. Such a marvelous wonder can never fade in beauty. I still remembered visiting as a 7 year old with family and now I got to make new memories. 
After visiting the Taj Mahal, we had to leave for our 4 hour long journey to Jaipur. We changed our clothes and hopped into the car for our new destination. 

Jumpsuit // Shoes // Sunnies: Chanel // Bag (my xmas present!)

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