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Friday, February 22, 2019

Porto, Portugal Day 2

Our second day in Portugal brought another day of roaming around the city. We had pretty much spent the first day doing a major tour and walk through the city, so the second day was more relaxing and a way to really take in the city.

We started off the day with a great brunch at Zenith (again because we loved it so much) and then headed off to visit the main shopping street. Now, we were in search of a market, but didn't finding it, so I made a pit stop in Zara. :) Traveling in Europe for the weekend, we only small duffles and backpacks that could fit just the essentials and I had no space for one extra thing. I did the main shopping of Christmas ornaments and small knickknacks, but it really gave me an appreciation for traveling light (which I don't think I can manage). 

We ended up going to the Jardins de Palacio de Cristal which is their big park, and by then it had gotten cold so we took pictures and left in search for dinner. The gardens were beautiful and I could have taken a long walk around the property if the weather had cooperated. 

The town was so beautiful to walk around in, not knowing what beauty the next corner was going to bring. It was hilly but worth the views that each street brought. That night we had a Portuguese dinner of fish, vegetables, and potatoes and called it an early for the next days excursion! 

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