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Monday, March 8, 2021

Growing into my Wardrobe

I always thought my taste in clothes was mature and not synchronous with what people my age normally tend to wear. I love, love, love a good button-down and always gravitate towards pieces that exemplify my maturity. Not bragging, but people always say that I am very mature. I have tried to open myself up to new outfits and trends that are popular, and of course there are many items in my wardrobe that are more of my age, but something just draws me to this time-less and mature style. This outfit reminds me of that. 

As soon as I saw this cardigan I knew it would really help my wardrobe. I truly have not been inspired to shop (not that I really need to be inspired), but it has been difficult buying new clothes because it seems as if I have everything but nothing. I have been thinking of investing in high-quality pieces that can find a forever place in my closet. A piece like this cardigan is definitely a staple that I know can work with many basics. 

I was feeling very good with this small photoshoot because I had just come back from my senior portrait pictures. My hair and makeup were done and I felt an air of maturity and responsibility as I came back from my pictures, ready to graduate in two weeks. There are a lot of feelings that I am experiencing as my undergraduate career is coming to an end. I am excited to be done with almost a year of online school, but I am terrified of being an adult in the real world. At least I have this beautiful cardigan taking the journey with me. 


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